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Sacral art from the Middle Ages

The impressive Gothic Hall, built after 1492, is one of the oldest preserved castle rooms. Today, it provides the impressive surroundings for the rich collection of altarpieces and ecclesiastical sculptures from the 13th to 15th century.

The most famous exhibits include the Landkirchen Altar from the Island of Fehmarn, dating from around 1380 in the surroundings of the master craftsman Bertram von Minden. It has an impressive size and shows scenes from the Passion narrative and the Glorification of Christ.  

The high-level panel painting from the end of the Middle Ages covers an altar wing from 1480, ascribed to the Lübeck master craftsman Hermen Rode.

The carved central panel of the small Bordesholm altar originates from Hans Brüggemann’s workshop. The depiction of the Bearing of the Cross is designed in accordance with the model of the Bordesholm Altar in Schleswig cathedral. Brüggemann was one of the most important Lower German wood carvers during the first quarter of the 16th century.

The special treasures of the collection include liturgic devices and textiles in the ecclesiastical treasury, including a richly ornamented Staufian chalice dating from 1250 and two large strands of silk from the 14th century. 

Furniture, pottery and domestic devices provide an insight into everyday life in the Middle Ages.

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