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  • Christopher Lehmpfuhl, Special Exhibition Colour Rush

An Abundance of Colours

Christopher Lehmpfuhl

25.04.2021 - 30.01.2022

In 2021 in the Reithalle of Gottorf Castle, The State Museum for Art and Cultural History presents „Farbrausch“ An Abundance of Colours, an exhibition by Christopher Lempfuhl.  This monographic, exclusive showcase, prepared in close collaboration with the artist himself, exhibits his „best ofs „from 25 creative years. 140 works will be shown, including numerous oversized and multi-part paintings, watercolours, graphic prints and three so-called 360°„Litfaßsäulen“ columns.

Christopher Lehmpfuhl, born in Berlin in 1972 studied in the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin, where he became Professor Fußmann’s master student. He soon turned to painting outdoors and applied himself particularly to natural and urban landscapes. Regular painting expeditons took Lempfuhl to a variety of different countries and continents. He succeeds in capturing the impressive and typical landscape impressions wherever he goes, often turning his attention to extreme landscapes such as the Alps, and the sea.   It goes without saying that  weather and light nuances play an important part here.

  • Der Künstler Christopher Lehmpfuhl auf Helgoland
  • Der Künstler Christopher Lehmpfuhl auf Helgoland
  • Der Künstler Christopher Lehmpfuhl in Island

Lempfuhl feels a particularly close attachment to our most northerly climes and has been a member of the North German Realists since 2003. During regular painting expeditions to the islands of the North Sea, to its beaches and those of the Baltic sea, as well as Nolde’s garden in Seebüll, he has developed an intensive relationship with the landscape of Schleswig Holstein. The diversity of nature here is an inexhaustible source of inspiration to him.

His urban views form the second, important focus in our exhibition of his oevres. An extensive, exciting complex of Lempfuhl’s Berlin works are on show. For 20 years he has painted his home city in single pictures and picture series. From small, snapshot city views to enormous, panorama works in several parts and 360° all- round outlooks, form the spectrum of his confrontation with the continuous changes in this city. A 14 metre panorama work, portraying the Berlin Schlossplatz with the Humboldt Forum construction site is part of this.

The oil paintings are mostly created outdoors - using his hands

Lehmpfuhl‘s painting being developed in situ „en plein air“. Such details as weather and light, prevalent at the time and their spontaneous associated liability to change, influence his work to a considerable extent. The artist uses a a vast amount of colour in his pictures: the oils being coated thickly with his hands,  without brushes directly onto the canvas. Often, this exteme, impasto, gestural method  – especially with his oversized canvasses, in particularly impassable places –  means a tremendous physical challenge for the artist. However, Lempfuhl accepts this as an elementary part of the creation of his works.

Lempfuhl’s water colours: landscapes from his travels and still lifes from his atelier serve as a new chapter in the exhibition.  These small formats on paper, with their intense colours, build an especially attractive contrast to the large oil works.

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