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Moby Dick und Röhrenkatze

31.03. - 03.10.2022

50 years of Kulturring

The large special exhibition "Moby Dick und Röhrenkatze" pays tribute to the longstanding commitment of the Kulturring in the Studien- und Fördergesellschaft der Schleswig-Holsteinischen Wirtschaft to the Museum of Art and Cultural History.

For half a century, the Kulturring has acquired paintings, graphics and sculptures, which are selected in close consultation with the museum. In five decades, almost 500 works by 115 artists have been acquired.

On display are works by artists who have their centre of life here in the north or whose works have a close connection to Schleswig-Holstein.

These have their centre of life here in the north, such as Nikolaus Störtenbecker, Manfred Sihle-Wissel or Friedel Anderson, or whose works have a close connection to Schleswig-Holstein, such as the paintings and graphic works of the North German Realists.

In addition, however, the Kulturring has repeatedly acquired works that have helped to sharpen or even reorient the museum's collection profile. Examples of this are the works by Winfried Zimmermann (1928-1992), Günter Wiese (born 1942) or Erwin Doose (born 1942). 

The Landesmuseum's turning to current contemporary art and thus also to abstraction owes much to the commitment of the Kulturring and found notable high points in the works of Walter Stöhrer (1937-2000) and Karl Hartung (1908-1967).

Exhibition in the Reithalle shows about 140 works

With around 140 works, the exhibition provides a comprehensive insight into the unique collecting passion of the Kulturring

Although one can certainly not expect a self-contained collection over such a long period of time, the exhibition shows that there are themes that run like a thread through the collecting activities. Themes such as abstraction, the image of humankind through the ages or the artist's specific view of the world, be it in the interior, in the cityscape or in nature, are brought together in the exhibition and thus provide exciting insights into artistic but also social processes that are reflected in the exhibition.

The fact that there are only a few monumental sculptures on display in the Reithalle is due to the fact that most of the sculptures acquired by the Kulturring have enriched the Schlossinsel and the Baroque Garden for years. The sculptures by Manfred Sihle-Wissel, Hans Martin Ruwoldt, Gustav Seitz, Ernst Barlach, Günter Haese, Wieland Förster and Andreas Theurer - to name but a few - are integrated as important, indispensable exhibits in the sculpture collection on the Schlossinsel and in the Baroque Garden of the Museum of Art and Cultural History.

Kulturring is responsible for the renowned “Kunstpreis der Schleswig-Holsteinischen Wirtschaft“

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary, it should not go unmentioned that the Kulturring is responsible for the "Kunstpreis der Schleswig-Holsteinischen Wirtschaft" (Art Award of the Schleswig-Holstein Economy) financed by the Dr Dietrich Schulze Art Foundation and that in this role, once again in close cooperation with the museum directors, a number of important artists have been awarded this nationally significant art prize. It is particularly pleasing that many of the prize winners' works have found their way into the collection.

Winners of the Art Award of the Schleswig-Holstein Economy: 1985 Erwin Doose, 1987 Manfred Sihle-Wissel, 1989 Jan Koblasa, 1991 Hanna Jäger, 1993 Friedel Anderson, 1998 Max Neumann, 2000 Walter Stöhrer, 2002 Günter Haese, 2004 Menno Fahl, 2006 Kristin Grothe, 2008 Lili Fischer, 2010 Ulrich Mack, 2012 Joerg Plickat, 2013 Künstlergruppe Norddeutsche Realisten (Artist’s Group North German Realists), 2015 Lucia Figueroa 2017 Maria C. P. Huls, 2019 Wolfgang Werkmeister, 2021 Christopher Lehmpfuhl.

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